We are offering an affiliate program through which you can get us projects and we’ll give you 5-10% commission on each project.

We provide the following services:

  • Website development
  • Graphics designing
  • Social media marketing and management
  • Pr management

We will send you the complete details about our packages and services. You just have to post them in relevant groups or send them to interested people or brands and have to convince people to purchase a package of their need and that’s it. We will give you a commission on each confirmed project.

Initially, we are offering 5-10% commission on each project. The commission rate will increase gradually up to 20% based on your work quality and projects.

This is completely remote work. You can work from home and can earn a good income. 


  • We will offer commission only on confirmed projects.
  • The commission will be directly transferred to your account once we will get the project confirmation and advance.
  • You can get complete details about our packages and services from our website besides that we will also send you the complete details of our packages which will help you understand our brand so you can easily guide the clients.
  • Anyone can register for affiliate program but the applicant must be fluent in English and must have a basic information about freelancing or about the projects he is about to promote.
  • You can promote any specific package or all the packages and services
  • You can either post our package details on some social media pages or groups or can directly message the interested people or brands.
  • You will be a sales representatives of Budgetic and will have the right to use our Packages detail for project briefing with Budgetic watermark. 
  • You cannot use our packages and content for personal use.

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